Frequent questions about industrial washing machines

FAQs About Industrial Washing Machines

How much do industrial washing machines cost?

Industrial washing machines cost between £2,000 to £120,000 depending on the model and capacity required. Likewise, industrial tumble dryer prices start at £1,000, with pay monthly plans available for less than £100 per month for industrial-grade laundry equipment. Products can be purchased, rented or leased from most suppliers.

Which industrial washing machines are the best?

The best-rated industrial washing machine is the 39kg high spin washing machine. The #1 distributor MAG also recommends 20kg, 50kg and 67kg industrial washing machines for large commercial laundries. Manufactured since 1922, these CE-approved products have a G-Force of 350 G with the body, drum and tub in stainless steel, plus other useful features such as the fully programmable wash cycles.

Is an industrial washing machine different to a commercial washing machine?

Commercial washing machines are commonly used in small to medium laundry rooms such as launderettes, care homes and hotels. In comparison, industrial washers can process larger volumes of laundry and linen in a shorter time and are usually installed within hospitals, central laundries and other businesses of a more extensive nature. One key difference between a commercial & industrial washer is the drum size and capacity of the machine.

How long does an industrial washing machine last?

On average, the lifespan of a commercial or industrial washing machine is 10 to 15 years which could equal over 100,000 running hours. The duration will depend on how frequently the product is used, and to get the maximum life, you should perform regular maintenance on your equipment.


Any Other Questions

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