Would you like clean, fresh laundry that looks and feels great?

MAG can help you achieve the very best results from every wash cycle as our team of experts have more than 25 years experience in producing high quality laundry products.

Brilliant colours. Bright whites. Superb stain removers. Let us help your company with our high quality laundry detergents.

We have products specifically designed for different companies including care homes, hotels, launderettes, sports clubs, kitchens and more.

We can recommend the right type of product that’s best for your business:

– Bio laundry detergent
– Non-bio laundry detergent
– Fabric conditioner
– Peroxide destaining products
– Low temperature, non-hazardous detainers
– Eco-friendly green laundry detergents

Our industrial laundry detergents are available as liquids or powders, they are competitively priced and you can bulk purchase outright or pay monthly.

Ask about our auto-dosing systems that automatically feed the correct amount of detergents into your washing machine saving you both time and money by reducing waste.

Get in touch on 01422 244733 or email detergents@laundrymachines.co.uk

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