Childcare – Laundry Equipment

Sticky hands and muddy knees are all part and parcel of looking after children, which is why a childcare setting can really benefit from a small laundry room setup. A back-of-house laundry room within your business doesn’t need to take up too much space and could save you money when compared to outsourcing your laundry requirements.

We understand the importance of keeping children’s items clean and fresh at MAG Laundry Equipment. That’s why we offer a range of washing machines specifically designed for childcare settings. Our machines are equipped with the latest technology, allowing for complete programmability and compliance with CFPP-01-04 regulations.
We know that potentially infected laundry can pose a significant health risk in childcare settings. That’s why our machines are designed to sanitize laundry effectively, giving you peace of mind that your facility is operating at the highest level of cleanliness and safety.

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