We are an approved primer stockist, supplying only genuine primer spare parts.

When it comes to service, we continuously exceed expectations while maintaining our reputation for innovation and reliability. We provide a highly professional yet personal approach in every situation through ongoing development within the department.

New Primer Domus Spart Parts

Primer washing machines, tumble dryers and ironing machines spare parts such as:

Air Break, Bearing, Bearing & Seal Kit, Bearing Housing, Bearing Kit, Belt, Bolt, Cash Box, Coil, Coin Mechanism, Contactor, Cotton Cover, Delta, Display, Door Belows, Door Boot, Door Glass, Door Glass Seal, Door Handle, Door Hinge, Door Lock, Drain Pump, Drain Valve, Electrode, Element, Emergency Stop Button, Emerson Control Techniques, Fan, Fan Motor, Feeder Bands, Filter, Fluff Filter, Fuse, Gas Valve, Gearbox, Glow Bar, Heater, Hose, Ignition Control Unit, Inner Drum, Inverter, Level Control, Lint Filter, Lint Screen, Lock, Micro Switch, Mitsubishi, Motor, Motor & Gearbox, Motor Control Unit, Nomex Cover, Nut, Out Of Balance Switch, Outer Drum, PCB, PC Board, Pipe, Power Supply, Pressing Bands, Pressure Switch, Power Supply Unit, PSU, Pulley, Push Button, Reed Switch, Relay, Rotation Sensor, Seal Plate, Shock Absorber, Soap Box, Soap Card, Solenoid, Speed Sensor, Spider, Steam Injector, Support Roller, Suspension Spring, Temperature Sensor, Thermostat, Touch Screen, Trunion, V-Seal, Washer, Water Inlet Valve.

UK Spart Parts - Stock Primer Domus

For all primer models:

Primer Heavy Duty Washing Machines:

Primer Heavy Duty Washing Machine: LP8 & LP10

Primer High Spin Industrial Washing Machines:

Primer Commercial Washing Machine: LS11, LS14, LS19, LS26, LS36, LS45, LS62 & LS125

Primer Medium Spin Industrial Washing Machines:

Primer Washing Machine: TS11, TS14, TS19 & TS26

Primer Low Spin Industrial Washing Machines:

Primer Washing Machine: RS11, RS14, RS19, RS26, RS36 & RS62

Primer Barrier Washers:

Primer Barrier Washer: LCA16, LCA22, LCA27, LCA35, LCA50, LCA70 & LCA100

Primer Heavy Duty Tumble Dryers:

Primer Tumble Dryer: DP8 & DP10

Primer Industrial Tumble Dryers:

Primer Tumble Dryer: DS11, DSD11, DSC11 Heat Pump, DS17, DSD17, DSC17 Heat Pump, DS23, DSC23 Heat Pump, DS28, DS35, DS45, DS60 & DS80

Primer Industrial Rotary Ironers:

Primer Rotary Ironer: PS100, PS120 & PS140

Primer Industrial Flatwork Drying Ironers:

Primer Flatwork Drying Ironer: C140/20, C140/32, C160/32, C200/32, C200/50, C260/50 & C330/50

Primer Finishing Equipment:

Primer Iron: FS2 & FD5 Primer Ironing Table: FDA/A, FRA/A, FRA/AS & FRA/AVS Primer Pneumatic Press: PRE-U & PRE-CP Primer Form Finisher: MAN/V & MAN/A Primer Shirt Machine: MAN/CA Primer Trouser Topper: MAN/PA Primer Finishing Cabinet: CAB/A & CAB/V Primer Spoting Table: DES-F & MINI DES

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