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Our commercial washing machines Have an innovative design concentrating on quality, performance.

Energy efficiency from 8kg to 133k every commercial laundry machine is well-made and durable.

Each unit includes a touch control microprocessor that has a touchscreen, a ton of functions and features.

Easy to program which enables you to save as much energy as possible. The LS range of washing machines also offer the necessary characteristics to be able to use the WET CLEANING system. which may conclusively lead to a decrease in costs.

We are an exclusive UK distributor of primer laundry equipment designed and constructed by one of the worlds leading manufacturers since 1922; Primer is renowned for creating robust energy-efficient heavy duty washing machines.

We have a technical and commercial network spreading across the whole country, which allows us to meet the obligations of our customers.

We work with various types of laundry services to help them plan out the best laundry equipment and arrangement for their needs.

Clients anything from:

  • student accommodation
  • caravan parks
  • apartment blocks
  •  launderettes
  •  hair salons
  •  hotels
  •  shared housing
  • stable equestrian yards
commercial washing machines
commercial laundry machines
commercial washing machine
commercial washing machine
commercial washing machine
commercial washing machine

Every one of these high-quality commercial laundry machines are manufactured in durable, long-lasting stainless steel, from the body down to even the drum and the tub; this provides a better-quality material that other manufacturers, increased resistance to external agents which lengthens the washer life and prevents corrosion, not to mention that it gives it an elegant look that you don’t get from anything but stainless steel.

Wash Control WIFI Connection: software to make programs from a PC and introduce into the washer by USB. Remote Control: to access to the data in the machine and modify configuration or check technical information without need of visiting the customer.

Not only this but these amazing washing machines are also easy to maintain with easy to access mechanical parts and screen control that allows you to check your history of technical menus, has failure self-diagnosis systems, alarms and more so you know when there’s a problem. Add one of these hard-working LS commercial washing machines to your business and see firsthand the quality, and durability, of the unit immediately.

Commercial Washing Machine Range

Light Commercial Washing Machines

MAG Laundry Equipment is excited to show you our NEW and improved range of light commercial washing machines. These robust machines are easy to use and at the touch of the button you can experience a high-performing, energy-saving, long-lasting washing machine. Competitively priced, efficient and reliable the MAG HPW range is forecast to be one of the best-selling products on the market.

Standard Spin Washing Machines

Our standard spin washing machines range from 11KG to 39KG in capacity. Minimal spin speed can be an important factor for specific markets where delicate items are being processed. Most commonly the RS range is supplied to the equestrian market for washing horse rugs.

High Spin Washing Machines

Our high spin washing machines range from 11KG to 133KG in capacity allowing us to adapt to the different needs of each and every customer which most commonly includes; care homes, hotels, hospitals, sports clubs, caravan parks, dry-cleaners, commercial laundries and more...

Industrial Washing Machines

MAG Industrial high spin washer extractors offer models in 45, 60, 120 kg. Specially designed for those laundries where the quality of the process and the energy and water saving are a priority. the new Primer high spin washer extractors offer a top performance and a renovated look to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Barrier Washer Extractors

We present the most efficient equipment on the market with a variety of models and features, which offer up to 60% energy savings. Because investing in quality and efficiency means investing in the future. When the investment is shown by high-quality features like the stainless steel drum, reverse drum action, frequency inverter, double air flow axial/radial… the energy saving is immediate. Because all this means a very important decrease in drying time and results in important savings in the machine’s running costs, this range becomes the perfect choice for the modern laundry sector.
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