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Commercial washing machines

Our commercial washing machines use the latest technology, ensuring high-performance and energy-efficiency. More importantly, we offer reliable laundry services and the laundry machines we supply achieve fantastic results wash after wash. Available from 8kg to 133kg capacities, our laundry machines are durable, easy to use and responsive, letting you know immediately if a fault or servicing requirement occurs.

In addition to easy access to mechanical washing machine parts, there is a handy touch screen to edit programs and alter technical menus. Our washing machines are of high quality, intuitive and simple to use. As a result, they save you both time and money.

Browse our wide range of commercial washers and experience our unique service. Furthermore, for a full laundry solution, you can also check out our commercial tumble dryers.

Commercial Washing Machine Range

Heavy Duty Washing Machines

MAG Laundry Equipment is excited to show you our NEW and improved range of light commercial washing machines.

Light Commercial Washing Machines

The MAG SU/95 Washing Machine is a popular model with 20% more capacity and lower water consumption than the previous version.

Standard Spin Washing Machines

Our standard spin washing machines range from 11KG to 39KG in capacity. Minimal spin speed can be an important factor for specific markets where delicate items are being processed. Most commonly the RS range is supplied to the equestrian market for washing horse rugs.

High Spin Washing Machines

Our high spin washing machines range from 11KG to 133KG in capacity allowing us to adapt to the different needs of each and every customer which most commonly includes; care homes, hotels, hospitals, sports clubs, caravan parks, dry-cleaners, commercial laundries and more...

Industrial Washing Machines

MAG Industrial high spin washer extractors offer models in 45, 60, 120 kg. Specially designed for those laundries where the quality of the process and the energy and water saving are a priority. the new Primer high spin washer extractors offer a top performance and a renovated look to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Barrier Washer Extractors

We present the most efficient equipment on the market with a variety of models and features, which offer up to 60% energy savings. Because investing in quality and efficiency means investing in the future.
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