Sports Clubs Laundry Equipment

We support a variety of sports bodies from local rugby leagues to premiership football clubs. Our equipment is world-renowned and has been specially designed for performance and reliability, with the ability to wash dirty kits and towels quickly and effectively.

Some of the clubs we work with have seen a decrease in energy bills since investing in a MAG laundry solution, improved results and a more efficient laundry process to keep kits clean. As sports remains an important sector worldwide, keeping costs down and players on the pitch is the ultimate goal.

Find the Right Laundry Solution For Your Business

Commercial Washing Machines for Football Clubs

By bringing the washing of your team’s kit in-house, you reduce both your costs and the turnaround time of your laundry. No matter how muddy the match, our specialist sports laundry equipment will leave your kit and towels spotless and ready for your next game. 

For teams who need to train up to six times a week, the speed of our machines is perfect for getting players back on the pitch in fresh, clean clothing. By using our products, you finally have a washing solution that can keep up with you.

We have over a decade of experience supporting football clubs across the Premier League and Championship divisions. So, if you’re a local team that only needs a small number of clothes cleaned each week or a large club that requires daily laundry cleaning, we will have a piece of specialist equipment that is perfect for the job. View our full range below.

Industrial Laundry Solutions for Rugby Clubs

In wetter seasons where rain is frequent, match-winning tackles leave towels and kit covered in grime. A muddy kit is the sign of a well-played game. With our sports washing machines and tumble dryers, you can celebrate every game without worrying about the cleaning bill.

We put your players back on the pitch in rugby kits that looks as good as new. Rather than spending money on large cleaning bills, you simply load your laundry into one of our commercial washing machines to have it washed and dried within a matter of hours.

In addition to keeping the cost of your cleaning down, you’ll also save money on gas & electricity. Our machines can save up to 60% on your energy bills, which is a substantial saving, especially if you are training regularly.

Sports Club Laundry Equipment

Our products support swim, golf, and tennis clubs the same way that they have supported hotels across the country. We can supply your site with its own laundry equipment that saves money on energy costs and leaves your robes and towels ready for reuse in no time at all.

Guests who shower at your premises will never have to worry about you not having a towel or robe spare. By the time they have gone around the pitch or played a round of golf, you’ll be able to take even the dirtiest of laundry and have it looking whiter than a new golf ball. 

Our machines come in a variety of sizes, so no matter how big or small your premises might be, you can be sure we’ll have a product that fits.

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