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Our range of commercial tumble dryers

can save up to 60% in energy costs, making our equipment a top choice for a number of businesses. With the most efficient models on the market, you’re investing in quality when purchasing one of our machines, that can withstand the test of time.

From heavy duty tumble dryers and light commercial dryers, to excellence models and industrial drying equipment, we cater for 12kg to 80kg capacities, ensuring there is a machine to suit your requirements no matter the size of the job.

Commercial Tumble Dryers Range

Heavy Duty Tumble Dryers

The MAG SU/95 Tumble Dryer is a popular model. Its stylish design, improved features and competitive price makes this dryer the preferred machine of choice for many customers

Light Commercial Tumble Dryers

MAG Laundry Equipment is excited to show you our NEW and improved range of light commercial tumble dryers. These robust machines are easy to use and at the touch of the button you can experience a high-performing, energy-saving, long-lasting tumble dryer. Competitively priced, efficient and reliable the MAG HPD range is forecast to be one of the best selling products on the market.

Standard Commercial Tumble Dryers

Our MAG range of commercial tumble dryers are reliable, affordable & energy efficient making them an extremely popular choice across the UK and worldwide. Ongoing product developments help ensure our machines are equipped with the most up-to-date features for our customers so they can save time, energy and money. Our tumble dryers are available in Gas, Heat, Electric Heat & Steam. Heat with various capacities including 12KG, 18KG, 29KG, 37KG, 50KG, 67KG & 83KG. The MAG Laundry Equipment team will help you select the best equipment for your business, however large or small.

Excellence Tumble Dryers

Are you looking for the most energy efficient tumble dryer on the market? The MAG "Excellence range of tumble dryers are said to be amongst the most efficient dryers in the world offering extra features for those customers who are looking for an extra efficient machine.

Industrial Tumble Dryers

MAG industrial dryers of multiple capacities (46-60-80 Kg) are always in the process of evolution, as they are a fundamental part of the method in a laundry that might have a critical effect on the energy saving and cost-efficiency of a wash. For this purpose, we have developed machines that shorten the drying process of the linen through optimal hot air flow and the reversing drum action, which channels the hot air through the whole extension of the load.

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

Our heat pump tumble dryers are suitable for virtually any laundry room thanks to the innovative design that allows the equipment to operate without ducting / exhausts. This range of equipment is 60% more efficient than other brands and the low consumption rates can offer you big energy savings.

Stacker Tumble Dryers

The perfect solution for customers who have limited space onsite. Stacked units achieve a faster turnaround as you can process twice the capacity of laundry within the same floor space a standard tumble dryer. Stacked tumble dryers are a popular choice across many industries including launderettes, care homes, holiday parks and more who are looking to make the most of the space available in their laundry room.
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