"Quality & Service is never forgotten"

When it comes to commercial laundry equipment, we offer the best in the world! manufactured by industry innovators with laundry experience dating back to 1922.

When it comes to service, we constantly exceed expectations while sustaining our reputation for innovation. We provide a highly professional yet personal approach in every situation through the ongoing development. 

“I’ve been dealing with MAG for over 14 years, starting out with a ironing shop in 2003”.

“Today the laundry processes up to 500kg per hour that’s 6 tonne some days with around 22 staff operating 7 days a week. As you can imagine we rely on both the laundry equipment and service support supplied by mag to ensure we deliver to our clients on time. We’ve worked very closely over the years and i must say i’ve tried a few other laundry equipment suppliers but these guys really do go that extra mile every time. In the early days i started the business with second hand machines and as the company developed i’ve replace them with new energy efficient ones, that really do make a difference by the way. When i was asked to give a testimonial i had no hesitation, MAG sales, service and spare parts departments are all great to deal with, and staff that really do understand the indusrty. I’m more than happy to talk to anyone over the phone or at my laundry about mag laundry equipment and the services they offer”


Efficiency in the laundry room

We offer commercial laundry equipment built to last, whilst also being able to deliver reduction in utility costs, extend garment life and maximised productivity. By constantly improving on the efficiency of our products, we have delivered energy savings up to 40% in some laundries! With that amount of savings up for grab, you will agree its got to be worth a chat with our business development team, who are factory trained on the functionality and performance of each and every laundry product we offer.

Over the past 14 years we have worked with hundreds of clients on various in house and industrial laundry projects across the UK and around the world.

Bespoke purchase options

We have the resources to provide a range of financial options to suit every type of project and customer lease finance, rental and business leasing. You can choose to purchase the equipment outright or you can consider a monthly payment plan by Leasing or Renting your machines. We treat every customer as an individual and our dedicated team will find the best possible solution for any budget however large or small.

Professional Light Commercial Products   

If you’re in the market for reliable, energy efficient commercial 9.5 kg washing machine and matching dryer equipped with a variety of useful features to be able to make your laundry experience faster, better and easier than ever, look no further than the MAG SU95 range available right here

Ideal for smaller laundry applications such as hair salons, day care centres, guest houses, small restaurants etc . These popular models come equipped with a generous number of useful features which are designed to make your laundry processing better, easier and quicker than ever before. continue reading

mag su11 washing machine and dryers

Commercial washing machines

RS + Standard  Spin TS + Fast Spin  LS + High Spin

Our washing machines range from 11KG to 133KG in capacity allowing us to adapt to the different needs of each and every customer which most commonly includes; care homes, accommodation housing, hotels, hospitals, sports clubs, caravan parks, dry-cleaners, commercial laundries , equestrian horse rug cleaning, launderettes.

Especially designed for those laundries where the quality of the process and the energy and water saving are a priority.

The new Primer high spin washer extractors offer a top performance and a renovated look to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Its advanced design and technology, together with its wide range of options and accessories, have an important effect on the energetic efficiency and on water and chemicals saving, reducing its production costs and increasing the business productivity.

primer commercial washing machines

Commercial DS Excellence Range Dryers

This is our best selling dryer. The most energy efficient tumble dryer on the market? The “Excellence” range of tumble dryers are said to be amongst the most efficient dryers in the world offering extra features for those customers who are looking for an extra efficient machine.

Take a look at the link below for more details 

commercial dryers gas electric

Roller Irons 

User-friendly, reliable, robust and not expensive. The new range of roller ironers are the ideal choice for those laundries which do not have a big output. Easy to use ideal for restaurants, small hotels, care home. for more details on our range take a look at the link below.

Drying Irons

from small premisses to the biggest industrial laundries in hotels or hospitals.

After a wash with a High Spin washer extractor, the flat linen can be finished in an e effective
way by passing through a drying-ironer which represents an important reduction on the total processing time. For a cost efficiency of the laundry, it is a critical point that needs to be carefully studied in order to assess the customer. take a look at the link for more details.

roller irons commercial ironing
commercial drying irons


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