When you’re miles off the coast, you can’t afford errors. You need seamless systems that don’t disrupt your fast-paced environment, whether that’s serving guests on a cruise ship or fixing machinery on an oil platform.

We understand this, which is why we have designed laundry equipment specifically for the marine industry, with special marine specification voltage. Each one can take large amounts of laundry & linen at a time, washing and drying the workwear of multiple crew members in one spin. 

Our robust machines leave your laundry smelling fresher than the sea air, removing the toughest stains and allowing you to continue your work without breakdowns or disruption. 

Find the Right Laundry Solution For Your Business

Seafaring Vessels

Cruise Liners, Passenger Ships and Yachts

Your onboard crew represents your company. This is why they must look professional with clean uniforms and clothing. Our washing machines and tumble dryers give your crew that professional look, removing sea salt and stains from clothing and bedding. 

It’s not just your staff that benefits from our commercial laundry machines; you can also use our products to clean the clothes of your guests. Having laundry equipment that is accessible to your guests is a nice value-added service that will leave them shouting from the deck about the great service your cruise liner or ferry provides.

Marine Laundry Equipment You Can Rely On

From product installation to spare parts for your existing marine laundry machines, we can offer everything you need at MAG. Whether you’re enjoying the sea air on a luxury cruise liner, your private superyacht, or working hard on oil platforms, our tumble dryers and washers are what you need.

Our engineers are never far from the marina or harbour. You can view our full range of marine laundry solutions below, or you can contact us for more information. We also provide training and maintenance for all models of equipment, so if you ever need any assistance with repairs or spare parts, then we’re just a call away.

Merchant Vessels

We understand that time is of the essence for merchant’s vessels. Our easily programmable washers and dryers mean you can fulfil your laundry needs at sea, leaving your crew clean and comfortable without compromising the speed of your journey. 

Our quality marine laundry equipment is specifically designed for seafaring vessels, so their long lifespan and high-quality means you’ll never have to go ashore for spare parts or repairs.

Offshore Laundry Solutions

Oil Rigs and Oil Platforms

Our marine laundry equipment is perfect for waterproofs, oilskins and overalls. Each one, like the Primer brand, is fully programmable. This means that you can quickly wash clothing and bedsheets in a hurry, or you can set your laundry equipment to complete a slower wash which sacrifices time but is more effective on tough oil marks and stains.

Our laundry equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, ideal for compact spaces. Going for one of our larger units means you can easily fit most of your crew’s laundry in one wash rather than having to wash and dry laundry multiple times a day.

The laundry machines that we provide for marine applications have all been designed for durability. They can withstand the toughest tides, giving them a long lifespan even years after they have been installed. While offshore, you’ll have the peace of mind you have the best machines available, supported by our 24/7 365 technical support.