Buy, Rent or Lease Laundry equipment; what works for your business?

At MAG equipment, we offer a fixed monthly payment plan, with options to pay over a two, three, four or five-year term. This allows businesses to plan out their monthly financial commitments, as well as spread the VAT out across the payment period. No capital outlay at all. There is no deposit or lump sum to pay upfront, making this as easy on your business’s finances as possible. No inflation during payment term Our payment plan is fixed until the end of the contract, which means there are no price increases or inflation increases at all.

We understand both rental and leasing laundry equipment may not fit with your business so, in addition to our three months interest-free payment offer, we will always strive to offer the best prices, advice, and additionally At MAG all our laundry products come with a free 5-year service care plan as standard, why not get a free no obligation quote by filling in the form below?

Rental, fixed monthly payments with no service bills?

No capital outlay, tailored periods, no inflation rises, tax efficient, equipment upgrades as your business expands, and the latest energy-efficient equipment are just a few of the benefits of rental. Support at mag offers a 24/7 helpline with someone who can help you get a breakdown resolved quickly. All our engineers are factory trained and each carry over £20,000 parts stock in their vehicles, we have a 97% first-time fix. Included with all our rental agreements in the event of any machine breakdown you won’t pay for the downtime until its back up and running.

Lease purchase with tax benefits to your business?

Available across a two, three, four or five-year term. Leasing laundry equipment is eligible for tax relief which can, therefore, reduce costs by around 20%. If a business had to take out a loan to pay for this equipment outright, this wouldn’t be tax deductible, so there are definite financial benefits here. We treat every customer as an individual, and our dedicated team will find the best possible solution for any budget, whether large or small.