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CE, WRAS and GOST approved product. Optional version for ETL

The healthcare industry demands the utmost level of cleanliness and efficiency, MAG Equipment is dedicated to providing only the very best laundry equipment to all our customers. Our Primer range of washing machines are fully programmable and meet CFPP-01-04 giving our customers the peace of mind when it comes to washing potentially infected laundry.

carehome lundry equipment

MAG Laundry Equipment is the sole distributor of Primer products throughout the UK, we offer our customer’s exceptional machines at exceptional prices. We highly recommend the Primer brand which has been manufactured since 1922. The machines have an innovative design focusing on quality, performance and energy efficiency.

“We needed a quality product at a competitive price, with a full care and breakdown package. MAG Supplied and installed the following week, highly recommended”

The Best Commercial Washing Machines

These amazing commercial washing machines from Primer in the LS range, including models 11, 14, 20, 28, 39, 50, 67  & 133kg, all offer an incredibly high spin rate at 1100rpm. Every one of these high-quality commercial washing machines are manufactured in durable, long-lasting stainless steel, from the body down to even the drum and the tub; this provides a better-quality material that other manufacturers, increased resistance to external agents which lengthens the washer life and prevents corrosion, not to mention that it gives it an elegant look that you don’t get from anything but stainless steel.

The Best Commercial Tumble Dryers

We present the most efficient dryer in the market with a variety of models and features, which offer up to 40% energy savings. Because investing in quality and efficiency means investing in the future. When the investment is shown by high-quality features like the stainless steel drum, reverse drum action, frequency inverter, double air flow axial/radial… the energy saving is immediate. Because all this means a very important decrease in drying time and results in important savings in the machine’s running costs, this range becomes the perfect choice for the modern laundry sector.

The Best Commercial Ironing Systems

After a wash with a High Spin washer extractor, the flat linen can be finished in an effective way by passing through a drying-ironer which represents an important reduction of the total processing time. For a cost-efficiency of the laundry, it is a critical point that needs to be carefully studied in order to assess the customer

Types of linen to be processed: sheets, tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases… Quantity in Kg to be processed: the diameter of the roll will determine the speed of the machine. Our drying ironers can process from 12 to 100 Kg/ hr with an average residual humidity of 40% Measures of the pieces: the width of the roll is important to consider as it needs to adapt to the size of the linen to be able to be cost effective Type of heating: we can supply machines with electric, gas and steam heatings 

Purchase options to suit you

We offer leasing & rental options, which can be incredibly cost-efficient for businesses. Leasing commercial laundry equipment enables businesses to keep the cash in their bank, rather than having to stump up one large payment. In addition to this, the lease-to-buy scheme is 100% tax efficient if you are VAT-registered And the best benefit is that at the end of the lease payment term, your business owns all the equipment which in turn becomes an asset. Our lease plan is an unsecured form of borrowing and the only security required is the actual equipment. 

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