Nursing & Care Homes

CE, WRAS and GOST approved product. Optional version for ETL

The healthcare industry demands the utmost level of cleanliness and efficiency, MAG Equipment is dedicated to providing only the very best laundry equipment to all our customers. Our Primer range of washing machines are fully programmable and meet CFPP-01-04 giving our customers the peace of mind when it comes to washing potentially infected laundry.


We offer commercial laundry equipment built to last, whilst also being able to deliver a reduction in utility costs, extend garment life and maximised productivity. By constantly improving the efficiency of our products, we have delivered energy savings up to 40% in some laundries! With that amount of saving up for grab, you will agree its got to be worth a chat with our business development team, who are factory trained on the functionality and performance of each and every laundry product we offer.

10 year parts warranty

Smart Dry

Our tumble dryers are available in Gas Heat, Electric Heat or Steam Heat with various capacities including 12KG, 18KG, 29KG, 37KG, 50KG, 67KG & 83KG. The MAG Laundry Equipment team will help you select the best equipment for your business, however large or small.

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Purchase Options

Leasing commercial laundry equipment enables businesses to keep the cash in their bank, rather than having to stump up one large payment. In addition to this, the lease-to-buy scheme is 100% tax efficient if you are VAT-registered And the best benefit is that at the end of the lease payment term, your business owns all the equipment which in turn becomes an asset.

Our lease plan is an unsecured form of borrowing and the only security required is the actual equipment. Financing options are available across a two, three, four or five-year term. Tax relief Leasing business equipment is eligible for tax relief which can, therefore, reduce costs by around 20%. If a business had to take out a loan to pay for this equipment outright, this wouldn’t be tax deductible, so there are clear financial benefits here.

High Efficiency Washers

Our high spin washing machines range from 11KG to 133KG in capacity allowing us to adapt to the different needs of each and every customer which most commonly includes; care homes, hotels, hospitals, sports clubs, caravan parks, dry-cleaners, commercial laundries and more.

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