Washing, Drying & Ironing Equipment For NHS Hospitals & Trusts

Hospitals and the healthcare sector rely on the highest levels of cleanliness, and effective healthcare laundry equipment, to keep NHS patients, visitors & staff safe. At MAG Laundry Equipment, we understand the importance of infection control, and we can recommend the best industrial washing machines for hospitals and the health care industry.

Our high-quality hospital laundry equipment has been developed for more than 100 years with the highest hygiene standards in mind. Our user-friendly washers and tumble dryers are technologically advanced with easy-to-use pre-set programmes designed to minimise the spread of viruses and infections by ensuring that bedding, gowns, uniforms and other items are fully sanitised once washed.

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Find the Right Laundry Solution For Your Business

What Specification Is A Hospital Washing Machine?

We understand that infection control is a top priority in any hospital environment or healthcare facility. With our comprehensive range of commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and ironing machines, you can be sure to find the right machines to suit your needs. We can help you select the correct equipment that meets your requirements in terms of performance, floor space, capacity (drum size) and budget. Get in touch for a quote and ask about our competitive lease, rental, pay monthly or purchase outright options.

Our team of experts have many years of experience in the laundry industry. With regulations and legislation changing over the years, we can help make sure you have the most up-to-date laundry machines. All businesses have a requirement to meet certain criteria whether this is WRAS Approved (Water Regulations Approval Scheme), CQC compliance, CFPP 01-04 standards, DOH decontamination of linen for health and social care, category 5 wastewater fluids or any other new regulations. Our fully programmable, gravity drain, sluice washing machines can provide full traceability (data validation) to record & document that each cycle has achieved thermal disinfection by exposing bacteria and viruses to a specific temperature for a set amount of time.

60% More Energy Efficient

Looking for energy efficient laundry equipment? When compared with other leading brands our machines have faster cycle times and could save you up to 60% on energy consumption. A complete wash can be completed in less than one hour. Not only can you save time, you can also reduce your bills whilst doing your bit to help the planet and environment.

Staff Training, Maintenance and Installation

MAG Laundry Equipment can assist you with projects of any size. We can help you with your search for an industrial machine with different wash and dry capacities, including 10kg, 20kg, 35kg, 50kg, 100kg and more. Taking care of everything from start to finish, we can deliver, install, maintain and service all leading brands of commercial laundry machinery. Our service department is on hand to provide you with a professional solution for your hospital’s laundry room.

Benefits Of Our Healthcare Sector & Hospital Laundry Equipment

To offer peace of mind to healthcare facilities, we are on hand to support you 365 days a year. Our phone lines are open 24/7, and our UK-wide network of commercial laundry engineers is available to assist with maintenance, repairs or breakdowns to keep your hospital laundry machines running efficiently at peak performance.

Regarding the highest hygiene standards, MAG Laundry Equipment is highly recommended for providing unrivalled quality and service and is the perfect laundry solution for a busy hospital environment or healthcare setting. Let us tell you more about our high spin washing machines, barrier washers and washer extractors that are installed across the UK and worldwide within hospital laundries, ward units, BUPA healthcare, the National Health Service and other health care organisations.

Looking for a suitable washing machine, tumble dryer or ironer for your hospital? Get in touch with our friendly team today.