Efficiency plays a crucial role in the performance in commercial laundry equipment

MAG is the exclusive distributor of Primer commercial laundry equipment in the UK and Ireland. As a leading supplier, MAG Equipment provides efficient and reliable solutions that meet the needs of businesses nationwide.

By offering high-quality equipment and excellent customer service, MAG Equipment helps businesses improve their productivity, reduce costs, and achieve their sustainability goals. Efficiency plays a crucial role in the performance of industrial laundry equipment as it directly affects the output produced with the same or fewer resources.

Here are some key ways in which efficiency impacts the performance of industrial washers, dryers, and ironers:

Production: The efficiency of industrial laundry equipment determines its output. Equipment with higher efficiency can wash, dry, or iron more kilograms of linen in a given period, increasing productivity and profitability.

Energy, water, and chemicals consumption: Inefficient industrial laundry equipment consumes more energy, water, and commercial detergents to produce the same output, leading to increased costs for the business. On the other hand, efficient equipment uses fewer resources to make the same output, resulting in significant cost savings.

Maintenance: Efficient equipment requires less maintenance and repair than inefficient equipment because it is designed to work optimally without undue stress on its components. This reduces maintenance costs and saves businesses money.

Lifespan: Efficient industrial laundry equipment tends to last longer because it operates at a lower stress level, reducing the wear and tear on its components. This results in less downtime and repair costs and a longer lifespan for the equipment.

Environmental impact: Efficient equipment has a lower environmental impact because it uses fewer resources and produces less waste, reducing the environmental footprint of the business. Choosing efficient industrial laundry equipment can also help businesses meet their sustainability goals.


Overall, efficiency is a critical factor for businesses to consider when choosing industrial laundry equipment. Efficient equipment can increase productivity, reduce costs, and have a positive impact on the environment.

Since 2010, MAG Laundry Equipment has been supplying energy-efficient laundry products from Primer to businesses in the UK and Ireland. Our clients have reported savings of up to 60% on their utility costs in some of their laundry operations. At MAG Laundry Equipment, we are committed to providing our clients with innovative solutions that help them reduce costs and improve their efficiency.

To learn more about the full range of energy-efficient laundry equipment from Primer, please get in touch with our experienced sales advisors. They will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the best equipment for your business.


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