FDA / FRA – Commercial Ironing Tables

Product Description
Key Features


  • Utility ironing table with electrically heated board and suction unit.
  • Version with built-in electric steam boiler, water pump, water feeding tank and electric steam iron.
  • Built-in suction unit controlled by foot pedal.
  • Adjustable board temperature by thermostat.
  • Pedals on both sides of the table.
  • Electric boiler with water feeding and automatic steam production.
  • Working pressure: 2,6 bar.
  • Manual feeding of water tank.
  • Voltage: 230V I 50/60Hz


  • Utility irnoing table with suction and electrically heated board, controlled by a thermostat.
  • Built-in electric steam boiler.
  • With standard board (1,200 x 400 x 250).
  • Automatic water feeding.

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