Primer Commercial Roller & Drying irons

Our main objective is that the quality of the finish of the flat linen is optimal, and for this, we have the widest range of drying irons on the market.

This allows us to adapt to all types of laundries: from small premises to the biggest industrial laundries in hotels or hospitals. After a wash with a High Spin washer extractor, the flat linen can be finished in an effective way by passing it through a drying-ironer which represents an important reduction in the total processing time. For cost-efficiency of the laundry, it is a critical point that needs to be carefully studied in order to assess the customer.

Commercial Drying and Rollers Irons

Commercial Roller Irons

Our roller irons are easy to use and perfect for small businesses. They are very popular within restaurants, B&Bs, care homes, laundry shops and beauticians as well as other establishments. Our roller irons vary in size and are available as 1.0 metre, 1.2 metre & 1.4 metre models; they are commonly used for ironing napkins, table cloths, small bed sheets and pillow cases.

Commercial Drying Irons

MAG commercial dring irons simple but reliable design with easy-to-access mechanical parts and top quality components. Quantity in Kg to be processed: the diameter of the roll will determine the speed of the machine. Our drying-ironers can process from 12 to 120 Kg/hr with an average residual humidity of 40%

Commercial Finishing Equipment

MAG Laundry Equipment stock a range of finishing equipment including ironing tables, pneumatic presses, cabinets, universal mannequins and more. These products are often used for the finishing of general laundry such as clothing and bedding, there are also options for specialist cleaning such as shirts, jackets and wedding dresses.
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