Why it might be a good time to consider bringing the laundry operation in-house?

With ever-increasing energy and utility costs, it might be a good time to consider whether bringing the laundry in-house is a viable financial option for your business.

With extensive experience in any sector, MAG Laundry can substantially reduce your carbon footprint and utility and labour costs; MAG can provide your laundry with energy-efficient, cost-effective equipment to meet your specific needs. 

Our equipment is designed to work at low or ambient temperatures; the system means longer life for your laundry items and significant cost reductions through reduced water and energy usage while eradicating the risk of cross–infection from bacteria and viruses using the latest in MAG chemicals.

Some use their OPL (On Premise Laundry) as a business also, meaning that they can earn additional income to pay for their laundry by forging good working relationships with local businesses in the community. They can also provide laundry services to local businesses. Our experts at MAG can offer you advice and do the maths for you so you can make that informed choice. For an initial discussion, give MAG a call or drop us an email in confidence.

Our unique packages mean you can also benefit from the following:  

  • MAG will design, supply and install our market-leading machines in laundry premises on site
  • Bringing the laundry in-house will mean that you have total control over the wash process and the quality of all linen and clothing.
  • 7-day engineer cover (including weekends and bank holidays) 365 days a year
  • Detergent costs were cut by 55%, with reduced water and energy costs by over 35%
  • Our equipment will tackle a wide range of items such as bedding, linen, robes, and towels. Whether it’s grease stains in chef whites, our chemicals will cover these. 
  • Following HSE guidelines, our commercial equipment and detergents offer you the relevant infection control processes to eradicate many forms of viruses.
  • With MAG rental, there are No repair bills…ever.  
  • Staff and COSHH training on all aspects of the laundry process 
  • All MAG engineers are DBS checked

Contact MAG at sales@laundrymachines.co.uk or call 01422 244733

Olivia Stevens

About Olivia Stevens

Olivia specialises in research & development and knows all the secrets to running an energy-efficient, reliable laundry room. What is the best commercial washing machine and tumble dryer? Olivia and the laundry experts at MAG can recommend the best machine to meet your business requirements and budget.

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