The Essential Role of High-Quality Laundry Detergents

Maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness is paramount for any business, and using the best quality detergent is a key component in achieving this. Our dedicated sales team and engineers are here to help you determine the optimal detergent and dosing for your specific laundry needs.

Personalised Consultation for Optimal Detergent Use

Our experts will work with you to understand the types of laundry you handle and the frequency of washes. This tailored approach ensures that you use the correct detergent and dosing, optimising cleanliness and cost-efficiency.

Accurate Detergent Measurement

When our engineers install your commercial washing machines, they will provide detailed guidance on the appropriate amount of detergent for an average wash. Larger loads with tough stains will require more detergent, ensuring every wash is adequate.

Powder vs. Liquid Detergents

Commercial Powdered Detergents: While these can be purchased in bulk, they may pose issues such as clogging the detergent tray and inconsistent washes due to measurement difficulties. Additionally, powdered detergents can be messy and easily spilt.

Commercial Liquid Detergents: Easier to use and measure, liquid detergents ensure accurate dosing for each wash. Suppliers can create the perfect detergent mix for each cycle, guaranteeing the correct amount is used every time.

The Benefits of Auto-Dosing Systems

For businesses with high laundry turnover, an auto-dosing system can be installed to provide consistent and perfectly measured detergent for each wash. This cost-effective solution allows you to monitor the cost per cycle while enhancing workplace safety by minimising employee contact with chemicals.

Specialised Detergents for Specific Industries

Healthcare Settings: Hospitals, spas, and hotels require special detergents to ensure high hygiene levels. Our sales team can advise on the best formulations to eliminate germs and maintain cleanliness.

Leisure Facilities: Hotels and spas need to keep whites bright and clean. We offer specialised detergents to ensure sheets and towels look as new as the day they were bought.

Animal Care: Veterinary practices and stables/equestrian require detergents that effectively remove animal hair and prevent cross-contamination of germs.

The Role of Fabric Conditioner

Leisure facilities often use fabric conditioners to give towels and bed linens extra softness and a pleasant, fresh scent. Proper dosing is crucial to avoid additional costs and prevent machine clogging.

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

Our sales teams and engineers are committed to helping you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your washing machines. For more information on how we can assist you, call us at 0800 028 8525.

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