Dryers & Ironer all come in different shapes and sizes, different machines for many different applications. Let’s make your search very simple and most importantly allocate the right machine for the right job.

Please contact our laundry experts free on 01422 244733 or feel free to view the ranges below.

  • Commercial washing machines (6)

    Our portfolio of Standard & High Spin Washer Extractors is very broad and ranges from 10 Kg to 200 Kg capacity. Therefore we can adapt to the various types of customers with very different needs: . . Suppliers to - Gyms, hotels, care & nursing homes, hospitals, sport clubs, equine stables, commercial and industrial laundries, dry-cleaners.
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  • Commercial Dryers (2)

    One of the most efficient dryer on the market with a variety of models and features, which offer up to 40% energy savings. Because investing in quality and efficiency means investing in the future.

    "EXCELLENCE range with one of the most efficient drying systems in the market. This range will not only help care for the environment, but also reduce your costs up to 40%"

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  • Commercial Ironing machines (3)

    PRIMER Roller & Drying ironers are easy to use and are perfect for small facilities, ranging from diameters of 18cm up to 30cm: Full colour brochure on request Our main objective is that the quality of the finish of the flat linen is optimal, and for it we have the widest range in the market of this type of machinery. This allows us to adapt to all types of laundries: from small premisses to the biggest industrial laundries in hotels or hospitals.
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  • Miscellaneous laundry equipment (5)

    To ensure a comprehensive portfolio of laundry machines Mag has supplemented the Primer range with its own brand semi commercial range plus access to other major manufacturers.

    Equestrian laundry equipment | Launderette Equipment | Film Props | Second hand laundry equipment | And More

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  • Garment Finishing equipment (1)

    Professional Ironing boards: for all types of specialised users, some irons working with their own integrated boiler or to be connected to an external supply. We have fold-away boards, with vacuum or blowing, steaming units on the boards... all destined for ease and improve the hand-finish of all types of garments.    Click Here
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