Are you saving money buying second-hand laundry equipment?

Does buying second-hand commercial laundry equipment save you money?

Other than the initial purchase price of a second-hand, reconditioned or remanufactured machine as some would say, there are a few other key factors you should consider.

Whether it’s your first time buying laundry equipment or your upgrading existing machinery the process is the same as buying a new machine, delivery, installation, and commissioning will bear the same costs.

However, after the equipment is in and hopefully running ok the fundamental fact is this! over the last decade, commercial laundry equipment has developed significantly in both technology and efficiency.

Manufacturers have been taking energy savings very seriously especially over the past three years. Some of our customers have seen saving up to 40% in utilities yes forty per cent, and that’s without looking at the environmental benefits you’ll contribute to.

We understand that sometimes budgets and capital spends can be very tight and the laundry room never seems to be at the top of the priority list in some sectors. I’m sure you’ll agree it doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large laundry 40% is going to have a massive impact and without a doubt a saving to be aware of before buying any commercial laundry equipment.

Kieron Kendell
Sales Director 

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8 thoughts on “Are you saving money buying second-hand laundry equipment?

  1. Julie Stevenson Airedale homes on Reply

    We recently replaced our old laundry equipment that we’d had for years and the instant reduction we noticed was unbelievable. The saving was so significant we’ve worked out that we’ll pay for the new machines in just a few years from the savings. Quite astonishing!

  2. Dean Johnson on Reply

    Extremely helpful information & very user friendly website.

    I have just discussed our laundry needs with one of the sales staff & have arranged a site visit by a MAG representative tomorrow.

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