MAG Laundry™ Equipment

Mag is well aware of the brand’s commitment to the environment. In order to find the perfect balance between Innovation, Efficiency, and Savings, Mag has made, in recent years, a serious investment to developing high-tech features in each of the new ECO-ENERGY range of washers, dryers, and ironers. This has resulted in a new generation of efficient and technologically advanced products for the user.

Innovation and efficiency in drying

Our industrial dryers of various capacities (10-75 Kg) are always in a process of development, as they are an important part of the process in a laundry that might have a key effect on the energy saving and cost-efficiency of a laundry. For this purpose, we have developed machines that shorten the drying process of the linen through an optimal hot air flow and the reversing drum action, which channels the hot air through the whole extension of the load. This feature is key to ensure the complete drying of big pieces that otherwise tend to twist and crease at some points and therefore would not dry evenly: big sheets, bathrobes, long towels

To achieve the maximum energy saving we have created recirculation system that reintroduces the expelled hot air inside the drum. This way we re-use the hot air which lowers the energy heating consumption and at the same time we increase the air flow inside the drum. This new patented system consists in regulating the re-used air-flow depending on the humidity level. This way we optimize each phase of the drying process with the maximum energy saving without increasing the time of the drying cycle.