More than washing machines – a whole range of industrial laundry equipment


We pride ourselves on providing the best variety of commercial laundry equipment

Finishing equipment

Again, the choice and variety within the finishing equipment category can be very confusing, so let our sales advisers talk you through the pros and cons of different options, helping you to find the best unique option for your business needs.

We offer a range of brands, including Primer, for commercial ironing machines, steam generators, professional finishing tables.

Commercial ironing machines

Here at MAG, we also sell a range wide of commercial roller and drying ironers, from a number of different brands. We have a wide range of models, including large rollers to suit industrial laundries in hospitals or hotels, right through to small machines for businesses with limited space.

Miscellaneous equipment

We also sell our own range of laundry items, which includes equestrian laundry equipment, launderette equipment, film props and second-hand laundry equipment, and even laundry carts.

Finance options to suit all

We also offer a range of lease to purchase agreements, which offers a fantastic deal for all businesses. There are many benefits about leasing laundry equipment, because it is tax efficient and an unsecured form of borrowing.

Whatever your needs for commercial laundry equipment, give our sales team a call on 0800 028 8525.

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