Industrial Laundry Equipment

LS Models / Factor G 450

High spin soft-mounted washer extractors, do not require anchorage.
Touch screen (4.3”) with fully programmable microprocessor (26 pre-set modifiable programmes, rest available for programming).
3 water inlets (cold-hot and soft water).
Stainless steel body, drum and tub.
Multiple language settings. Update of software and export of data.
Solid soap dispenser: 4-compartment drawer, mod. LS-11/14/19/26/36 and 5-compartment, mod. LS-45/62/125 with non-return system.
Liquid soap dispenser: 8 programmable signals (time and delay) + 6 optional.
Pulley, belt and inverter transmission with automatic imbalance sensor.
Delayed start operating system and advance programmes, cancel thermal stop (heating). View statistics.
Wet cleaning: special wash for delicate garments with minimum mechanical action.
Load aid system using intake of water and rotation of drum.

Especially designed for those laundries where the quality of the process and the energy and water saving are a priority. the new Primer high spin washer extractors offer a top performance and a renovated look to meet the needs of the most demanding laundry sites. Its advanced design and technology, together with its wide range of options and accessories, have an important effect on the energetic efficiency and on water and chemicals saving, reducing its production costs and increasing the business productivity.

The new PRIMER high spin washer extractors offer models in 10, 13, 18, 25, 35, 45, 60, 120 kg.

Automatic weighing system. Up to 30% savings. (Automatic adjustment of water and soap consumptions as well as energy savings, according to the load which is measured by the washer).

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