SU95 Professional Laundry Equipment.

These incredibly popular models have a large drum capacity to be able to wash 9.5kgs per load, not to mention their high-speed cycles that help reduce your drying times and thereby reducing cycle times and utility costs. The amazing washing machine has a slew of incredible features not already mentioned, including; low water consumption, pre-programmed cycles for easy selection, increased g-forces in the spin that extract water better than a normal washing machine, a tilting control panel so you can always see the display, sound reduction and instant door release, fully updatable firmware, enhanced washing options, leak detection and more. Available in coin-operated or manual options, capable of being self-heated or boiler fed, comes with a pump drain or gravity drain, and each one is WRAS Approved, this washing machine is great for your home or business. The dryer is equally impressive, easy to use and extremely efficient. Offering a wide door opening to make loading fast and easy, a new control panel that makes using it simply, and an easy to clean lint filter to help you keep your dryer clean, this isn’t like every other dryer on the market. This wonderfully equipped dryer also has pre-programmed cycles including fast drying cycles, a tiltable control panel, and updatable firmware, and they also come in either manual or coin-operated, gas heat or electric heat, and can be used on the side of the washing machine, or choose to stack them. It’s easy to see, with all these features and priced right, this MAG SU95 set of commercial washers and dryer are the next set you need for your laundry room.

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If you’re in the market for reliable, energy efficient 10kg light commercial washing machine and matching dryer equipped with a variety of useful features to be able to make your laundry experience faster, better and easier than ever before, look no further than the MAG SU95 range of washers and dryers exclusively available right here.

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Our 9.5kg light commercial washing machine is reliable, energy efficient and easy
to use. This popular product has a number of useful features designed to make your laundry processing simpler than ever before. You can select a cycle within seconds from the easy to use control panel plus you can save time thanks to the high level of water extraction and instant door opening at the end of each cycle.

Our 9.5kg light commercial tumble dryer is reliable, efficient and easy to use. This tumble dryer has a wide door opening to make the loading and unloading of laundry easier for you and your staff, plus the new control panel improves usability. The fast, energy efficient cycles are one important bene t for those who are pressed for time and different temperature settings can be selected to meet your drying requirements. Another useful feature of this user-friendly machine is the easy to clean lint filter that helps make day-to-day operation straightforward.

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