Commercial Ironing machines

  • Primer PS100 PS120 PS140 Range (Roller Iron)

    Primer PS Range roller iron 

    User-friendly, reliable, robust and not expensive. The new range of mural ironers is the ideal choice for those laundries which do not have a big output but where the investment point matters. Its easy use makes them perfect to iron the flatwork from restaurants, small hotels, youth hostels, etc.


  • Primer C140 C160 C200 C250 C320 Range (Drying Iron)

    Primer C Range Drying Irons

    Types of linen to be processed: sheets, table cloths, napkins, pillow cases… Quantity in Kg to be processed: the diameter of the roll will determine the speed of the machine. Our drying ironers can process from 12 to 100 Kg/ hr with an average residual humidity of 40% Measures of the pieces: the width of the roll is important to consider as it needs to adapt to the size of the linen to be able to be cost effective Type of heating: we can supply machines with electric, gas and steam heatings (check models)

  • Primer C / CP / CTP Range (Industrial Irons)

    Primer C/ CP / CTP Industrial Drying Ironer

    Machines can be use with front or back exit of the linen Partial fold (length) or full fold (length and cross) with side stacker Possibility of working in two independent lanes which makes possible the processing of different types of linen at the same time with different folding needs Optional back stacker for small pieces in 2 or 4 lanes (napkins, pillow cases) Automatic feeder: clamp feeder for big pieces with vacuum feeding