MAG Laundry Equipment can now offer a generator that has been proven to kill coronavirus.

In a ground-breaking study conducted by Nara Medical University, it was confirmed that ozone gas can effectively inactivate the virus up to 1 / 10,000 CT (cycle threshold)

In real conditions, it shows that COVID–19 can be inactivated on all surfaces and that ozone can be used in the sanitisation of all environments.

Putting the new discovery into the practise, the MAG Ozone Generator emits ozone through the air sanitising surfaces and killing bacteria, microorganisms and viruses including COVID–19 while permanently eliminating unpleasant odours.


With cycle times from 15 minutes to 72 hours, the generator is suitable for quick cleans and full air-regeneration projects and can be used across all business sectors.

“With the UK economy now officially in a recession, it’s important that the Government and businesses look at how people can return to work safely, protect jobs and keep the economy moving. The ozone generator could be a key part in that, with the ability to sterilise office spaces, hotel rooms or hospitality venues quickly and effectively.”


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