EQUINE Rug Care Pack (for 50 rugs)

£159.90 excl. VAT

Contains 10L Nouvel Rug Wash and 25L Nikwax Rug Proof, enough for 50 rugs. This EQUINE care pack lifts dirt out and revitalises breathability and water repellency of your animal wear.

Product Description


To be used for cleaning all your horses waterproof and stable rugs. The gentle action lifts out dirt and revitalises all water repellent finishes. Can be used by hand or machine wash and is compatible with the Rug Proof.



Safe, easy to use, high performance wash for all animal coats and rugs. This care pack restores breathability and insulation as well as water repellency of you animal wear.

This care pack contains:

  • Nouvel 10L  Rug Wash
  • Nikwax 25L Rug Proof

Enough wash and proof for 50 Rugs.

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