Barrier medical washers

• High spin soft mounted washer extractor, 2 opposed doors to avoid cross-contamination. • Panels, drum and vat in stainless steel AISI 304. • Horizontally suspended drum by means of two axles which increase robustness, 1 compartment. • Capacity 35 kg. • Front loading of dirty linen and back unloading of clean linen. • 8 signals for liquid dosing. • Two water inlets standard, with plastic valves. • Out of balance detection by means of the inverter. • New T CONTROL microprocessor with a lot of devices for a greater flexibility. • 26 preset programs, unlimited creation of new programs. • Wet Cleaning system integrated (standard). • Optimal load system integrated: a manual indication of load. • Standard double display. • Electric or steam heating. • Extraction speed 1000 RPM. • G-force 400. • Side panel divided into two, for easy maintenance of the drain.

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